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Pixelvision by Sacred Cow, New Orleans 1992
New Orleans Film Festival: Best Experimental Video
Hallwalls Buffalo, NY: Sacred Cow Video Show
Pixel This Festival - Venice Beach, CA
State Dept. International Film Symposium - New Orleans

LOOSE AMONG THE RUINS screened in art centers and occasionally surprised viewers in Southern states via cable. Imagine seeing this on late night TV.

We handed a VHS copy to Jonas Mekas in New York at Anthology Film Archives. After a quick review, the famous curator of avant-garde films promised that our child would screen the following Wednesday. But we were flying home by then.

This version is 5-min edit for web. The festival release was 12-mins which may have been indulgent but I liked it better.

Tom and Marta ran an ongoing creative workshop in the early 90s called Sacred Cow, a punky fellowship of performers and social activists committed to no-budget art pieces.

Our multimedia mischief earned us a cover spot in 50 People to Watch in New Orleans magazine in '93.